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Mobil Varlık ve envanter yönetimi operasyonunda Avea basari hikayesi

Mobil Varlık ve envanter yönetimi operasyonunda Avea basari hikayesi

Mobile Solutions For Field Operation

By the year 2020, it is expected that the total number of mobile's will be more over total human population. Mobile usage is vital for companies who has large field operations like maintenance&repair activities or asset revisions and is changing the thinking and the rules of doing business.

The key success factor for the companies who is doing large scale of field operation is operational efficiency, proper and effective planning of field works. Field worker's real-time access to critic data and specific applications, getting real-time responses from field and transferring this data proper channel in the company and evaluating the data and taking the next action proper with the pre-defined business process, increases the operational efficiency and minimizes the risk of uncertainty ad randomness.

Our field operation solutions created for for smartphones, PDA's, personal tablets or rugget tablets automates any kind of asset, maintenance, inventory and workforce operations  and integrates them to your companies' IBM Maximo or other cooperate systems.

    1. End to end solution for asset&inventory business process including request, warehouse management, assigning of the assets, counting, asset revisions.
    2. Warehouse management, receiving, counting, issueing.
    3. Lot tracking, LIFO or FIFO rules. Applying BOM or Kit.
    4. Borcode&leveling. 1D,2D or NFC support  for the most easy and effective way proper with your business process
    5. Field counting, equipment swap/move.
    6. Spatial/map/GIS support.
    7. Assignment and skill management
    8. Work Order Tracking and reporting
    9. Work order creation, forwarding and assigning.
    10. Sequncing, scheduling of jobs.
    11. Tracking Route(s)
    12. Managing energy, water and gas field operations, like repair, lightening, any kind of customer field operation , meter handling process from purchasing to repair and scrap, reporting resource usage at field (labor/material/tool/outsource),billing to customer, reporting deserving based on jobs, meter repair shop, any asset or workforce related business process.
    13. Managing critical daily controls in utilities like pressure, vibration, oil levels, gas levels, leakage. Automatically triggering work order mechanizm for out of limits

For further information about our solutions, please click on links located at left

click for field asset/workforce mobile solutions.

click for field salesforce solutions.

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  • EUTEK Is A Registered Support Provider of IBM and Provides 1st and 2nd Level Support for Maximo Solutions CONTINUE READING

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